Requiem for a Sector

Cardinal Hunting

+BEGIN: transmission+


Date: (8.)775.817.41

Upon order by Inquistor Ferrus the group boarded Sky Jester and set off to the Shrine World of Stonegarden with haste. Recovering during the journey the team prepared and trained-up for the inevitable confrontation with the heretical Arch-Cardinal.

While at anchor in the Gethayne System the Sky Jester was attacked by the ship ‘Faith Beyond Reason’ a craft of fanatical Redemptionists loyal to Ignato. Attempting to board the Sky Jester the Acolytes took part in repelling a boarding party in preparation to break contact and continue on to Stonegarden. The Redemptionists had other ideas and their pilgrim ship still locked with the Jester began to drag the two hulking vessels toward the gravity well of Gethayne Quartus. Captain Shadrack ordered a full-scale boarding action onto ‘Faith Beyond Reason’ in an attempt to take the bridge or disable the engines. The Acolytes led the force trying to take the engines.

The initial boarding action was an incredibly bloody affair with enormous losses on each side. Flamers, chain weapons and shotguns were used to great effect and while being able to establish a secure foothold the Acolytes lost nearly ninety-percent of their force in the first battle on the ship. Subsequent firefights took their toll and by the time the Acolytes made it to the engine compartment they had only a handful of the 200 crewmembers put under their command. With so few crew the battle for control of the engine control room would be difficult at best.

The initial calm encountered when the Acolytes’ boarding party entered the engine control room was quickly replaced with terror and hopelessness as a horrific machine with a hooded man strapped to it’s front engaged the group in combat. Huge chain axes and heavy flamers decimated the few remaining Sky Jester crewmen and caused terrible wounds against the acolytes. To make matters worse more Redemptionists began to flow into the room to help defend the engines. Yarni thinking quickly attempted to pilot a nearby Sentinel Powerlifter in combat with the Penitent Engine but ultimately could not overcome the frenzied combat engine. Tybalt and Felix franticly searched for the controls that would power own the engine but were unable to locate them. Iago rallied the few remaining crewmen of the Sky Jester and focused their attacks on the Redemptionists trying to defend the engines. Faritus, broken and barley able to remain on his feet after being caught by the heavy flamers of the engine, retreated in order to use a demolition charge on what he thought was a vital piece of the engines’ equipment.

As the battle slugged on and all seemed lost but the charges were set and a full retreat was ordered as the demolitions went off. In an attempt to cover their retreat Tybalt, not having any experience with high explosives thought he would try to blow bulkhead leading into the corridor the party was escaping down. Instead the explosives went off at his feet, blowing him back, bloodied, unconscious, and mangled toward the Acolytes group. With the engines shutdown the group was able to limp back to their ship.

With the pull toward Gethayne Quartus stopped the Sky Jest engaged engines and pulled itself and the Faith Beyond Reason away from the gravity well. The next several hours were spent cutting free from the pilgrim ship and getting the Sky Jester ready to continue the journey. Unfortunately for the mission the Acolytes were too badly injured to continue once they arrived at Stonegarden and spend several weeks recovering. A follow-on Inquisitorial force eventually arrived and conducted an investigation of St. Drusus’ tomb complex. The findings of were sealed as was entrance to the planet.

The Acolytes now sit in orbit above Stonegarden. Confused, lost, and unable to establish contact with their Inquisitor the party decided to travel on the Hive World of Lo, home of the Loi Metalworks Armoury, attempt to resupply and await further instructions.

+END: transmission+


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