Requiem for a Sector

Cult Hunting

+BEGIN: transmission+


Date: (6.)671.817.41

Arriving at Gun Metal City the party quickly secured transportation to Blinding Gultch, the place Venomskin was rumored to be located. They arrived just in time to witness the struggle between two rival gangs vying for power in Blinding Gultch, the Cadavers and the Skarit’s Dragons.

Investigations led to the discovery that the Dragons worshiped an evil Chaos blood god and that the Cadaver’s were implanting humans with parasitic xenos creatures. Trying to slink out of town as fast as possible the Acolytes began to question Kris’an, an administratum Adeptus-novice about her dealings in Blinding Gultch. Panicking the Adept took her own life out of fear of the Inquisition. A personal cogitator in her quarters took a long while to breach but eventually gave ups its secretes and showed the party the location of Venomskin’s hideaway.
Several days journey out into the Ashen Wastes the group discovered Venomskin’s hideaway in the carcass of a buried land train. Inside sat a dying Venomskin, killed by one of Ignato’s assassins. Before he passed away Venomskin gestured to a painting in his quarters. Behind the image was an envelope with a data chip containing damning evidence of Ignato’s involvement in the forgery plot. With the Chip in had the Acolytes set off to confront the Arch-Cardinal.

Securing Transport back to the Cathedral of Illumination was done in the next few days and the group headed off. Upon arrival however chaos had broken out as it seemed a rumor had begun that the pulpit in the Cathedral had begun to drip blood from the Emperor. Bezerk faithful clogged the streets around the cathedral and Arbite-APC and tanks had been destroyed in the ensuring melee. With the scalding sun beating down on them the group landed on a nearby landing pad and were confronted by a weary group of Arbites with orders to no allow anyone on the pad. After a confusing skirmish identities were passed and the Arbites stood down. Slightly injured the Acolytes quickly made their way into the cathedral. Hunting for Ignato they finally found him in the Garden of Repose.

Only… it was not Ignato but a man calling himself Caecilus Vraine and wearing the Arch-Cardinal’s skin! The powerful psyker attacked without remorse and it seemed as though no weapon could hurt the vile sorcerer. As the battle ground on the Acolytes slow began to succumb to their wounds but also seemed to be slowly damaging the warp-tainted fiend. Just as things began to turn for Vraine he summoned all his psychic power for a crushing blow the warp turned on him and consumed him body and soul. In his place an unbound demon possessed his already broken husk of a body. Before the warp-powered creature could truly wreck havoc, a lucky shot from blessed bolt round tore though the torso on the beast and ended his brief existence in the realm of reality.

In the aftermath an explosion blasted though the roof of the cathedral. From the freshly opened holed hurtled the glinting, wet, skinless body of what the group understands as the true Ignato.

+END: transmission+


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