Requiem for a Sector

New Beginnings?

+BEGIN: transmission+


Date: (2.)871.817.41

Arriving at Lo the Acolytes took several weeks to rest recover and resupply. The down time was needed and was great for cell moral. Unfortunately during this “vacation” the team members were being stalked, their presence discovered by unknown sinister actors. Using the dark arts a group called the Pilgrim of Hate had discovered the groups location and the role they played in events yet to play out. Abducted from Lo by the Pilgrims and smuggled on to Quaddis by the shadowy avenues open to the Beast House, the Acolytes found themselves waking in world of terror, confusion, and desperation.

The Slaughter pit that the group awoke in reeked of blood and fear, distant sounds echoed from tunnels beyond and impeding approach of vile creatures stuck fear in the not only the acolytes but their fellow prisoners as well. The slaughter began when nearby grates opened and vile beasts rushed into to attack killing several still trembling victims. A panicked scrambling effort to escape the pit began and with the help of a mysterious figure clad in dirty robes a ladder was let down. Frantically climbing out the team found the figure had left a note on the corpse of the lone guard at the pit.

Quickly gearing up with the few scraps of items they could find the Acolyte cell began their journey through the Red Cells of Quaddis looking for a path out. Along the way they were hunted by slavers and encountered a cursed idol but staying the course they eventually found their way to Vault 13 and a what appeared to be a way out.

The Vault 13 however was occupied. Inside the vault was of irregular shape and spanned hundreds of meters consisting of a haphazard maze of cages, crates, and containers of various sizes. Upon entering the acolytes discovered a the Jackal-masked Marcus Vulpa speaking in anger with two Hereteks.

“Damn your warp-rotted hides and damn him to hell’s eye! What game does he play here? He bring an Inquisitor here, to my domain, to mutilate and pry…”

Killing one as an example the man stalked off and left to the surface via elevator.

The acolytes formulating a plan to dispatch the few guard looking over the place begin to snipe from the cover of the crates and within the maze. One by one the Beast house guards fall and the Acolytes emerge from the shadows to investigate the claims of the Jackal Masked man.

Inside a dirty hospital pod the team finds the remains of Inquisitor Karkalla, hooked up to a life-support regulator with half his face flensed open. In unspeakable pain the still lucid Inquisitor is able to share some information with the Acolytes. After having the acolytes swear an oath to stop the Heron-masked man’s plans the Inquisitor asks them to seek out the white scholar, the last remaining member of his retinue. Karkalla then willed himself to die.

The acolytes, confused and bewildered headed to the elevator and began the journey to the surface…

+END: transmission+


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