Requiem for a Sector

The Bell Tolls

+BEGIN: transmission+


Date: (1.)655.817.41

Returning to Silas Marr and reporting the events of the House of Dust and Ash the party was surprised after several days when Lanus Cistern contacted them with a cryptic letter that dripped with intrigue.

Meeting with Lanus the Acolytes received further orders, which led them back on to the trail of Arch Cardinal Ignato as relic inspectors. Lanus, the new owner of the starship Sky Jester and would provide transport to Scintillia. While the newly acquired ship was being prepped for the voyage the Acolytes were able to rest refit and recuperate from their recent struggles. Once on board the Sky Jester the voyage turned out to be blessedly uneventful. The party broke eventually warp and landed on Scintillia.

Securing transportation from Hive Sibellus to Hive Tarsus the group settled in for a long journey across the desolate face of the planet. When they arrived at Hive Tarsus they immediately made their way to the Cathedral of Illumination to meet with the keeper of the Cathedral’s relics; the pudgy and tonsured Archvist Drook. Drook took them on a quick tour of the Cathedral grounds pointing out the various sights and personalities that existed in the grand building. As the party came into the Nave they were met with the sight of thousands of loyal imperial subjects listening to the passionate words of the Arch-Cardinal as he preached the words of the Imperial Creed. Over come with emotion the party stood fixated for a moment at the grandeur of the scene. When the Arch-Cardinal ended the party continued its trek to the lower levels where they were shown the relics and give accommodations.

Settling in the party spend the next two days uncovering clues about the Ignato’s plans finally discovering a forgery lab beneath the pulpit in the Nave. The room contained several mindslaves emotionlessly toiling away at the reproduction of forged religious texts. From the sate of the lab the Acolytes were able to deduce the facility had been running for some time and would have produced many forged copies of non-canonical religious texts. Deeper into the forgery lab the group discovered the more specialized tools of a master forger. They also found a ledger with the name Venomskin, a notorious forger said to reside in Gunmetal City.


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