Requiem for a Sector

Into the Darkness

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Date: (2.)409.817.41

Venturing down into the depths of the cathedral the Acolytes were surprised to discover a vast mechanical complex below the structure above. Darkness wrapped the team but being equipped with light sources they quickly scanned around the structure. Gears turned and pistons pumped in a steady rhythm that almost possessed a living breathing quality. Skyler, attempting to establish power to nearby glow bulbs opened an electrical panel and instead caused more damage to the workings of the facility resulting in a large nearby gear grinding to a halt.

Exploring the inner workings the team discovered an armory, medicae suit, and genatorum filled with demons. Skyler began to realize the magnitude of the structure and was stunned by the realization that the Acolytes were inside of an Imperator Class titan! Inside a cramped dormitory the group discovered a headless corpse holding a bolt pistol with a vox recorder on its lap. Playing the file on the recorder uncovered that the corpse was that of the rogue trader Barabus Zanatov. The file went on to explain how he had used his fortunes to take on the guise of Tauron Hekate and establish his family and crew as nobles on the planet in effort to defend and decipher the encriped message held within the Black Sepulcher. He also mentioned a demon known as the Dei-Phage who was sent to stop him.

Not long after the recording was played the party was contacted by the titian’s machine spirit trying to signal to them to power up the titan and come to the bridge. Much debate was had over the extent of the demon possession and it was finally decided to power the war machine back on.

Making their way to the bridge the group was stunned as the full extent of their actions became clear. With titan Pax Macharia reactivated, it began to rise from the ocean shore and power it’s systems back on readying itself for battle! As the party took in the nature of the events transpiring they were suddenly greeted by the form the Dei-Phage… the God-Eater. The titan’s battle claxons blared and the request “Crewmen, Battle Stations. Man the cannons” came over the loud speakers.

As the party scrambled up to the massive quake cannon in the main hall of the cathedral they were terrified to discover the path had changed. Where the central gear chamber had stood, a soaring Libaraium had taken its place. Wreathed in flame and containing thousands upon thousands of books it was clear the team was dealing with a full warp incursion. With terror filling each acolyte buring corpses began to stumble out of the flames. “Speak it’s name…” they said before collapsing into ash upon the floor. Hunting furiously among the books as the Dei-Phage hovered above slowly burning them one by one, the group was eventually able to uncover the secret of the Die-Phage’s true name and break the hold the warp had on them.

Finding themselves in the main entry hall the team swiftly went to work trying to get the quake canon operational. Paralyzed by fear and terror, with the Emperor’s own strength they slowly moved forward, contently under assault from demons and other horrors of the warp. It was finally Tybalt that was able to reach the canon’s massive breach and prep the weapon for use. Seeing Tybalt barly on his feet from the wounds he had suffered while under assault, Bar’bosa threw himself at a winged demon tackling it in the process. With the precious few moments purchased by his comrade’s blood, Tybalt invoked the initiation rituals and the cannon was made ready to fire. Tybalt stuck the sacred firing button and … nothing happened. Despair overtook the party as they looked on the weapon thought to be their salvation with disbelief. The despair was quickly turned fear however, as suddenly the weapon tore itself apart and shattered the structure of the cathedral and throwing the acolytes across the floor.

With the party scattered and struggling to regain consciousness, the smoldering ruin of the Dei-Phage stood to punish those trying to stop it. Battling warp-fire, horror, and the utterly terrifying psychic abilities of the Demon the party fought back. Yarni, Bar’bosa, and Tybalt were engulfed and flame and very nearly died. Faritus after getting a good shot in was crushed by the power of the demons mind and left bleeding on the stone floor.

Watching his companions fall around him, barely able to hold his broken and terrified mind together, and with hands shaking, Felix Atellus lined up a shot with the bolt pistol he found earlier in the rogue trader’s hand. Time seemed to slow as he pulled the trigger and the 75-caliber rocket propelled slug erupted from the end of the weapon. The shot looked wide but, possibly by the grace of the Emperor himself, the demon turned and shot impacted hard driving the demon over the edge of the striding titan.

With the defeat of the Dei-Phage the Pax Macharia completed its journey to the Kephistron Altis and destroyed the Gilded Cathedral revealing the Black Sepulcher beneath. Wasting no time the broken Acolytes climbed down to investigate and what they discovered was sure to rock the foundations of the sector it self. Displayed on the walls of the interior of the Black Sepulcher the Acolytes witnessed Arch-Cardinal Ignato, as a young man, lay the foundations of a terrifying heretical conspiracy…


Thought for the day: If a job’s worth doing it’s worth dying for!


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