• Felix Atellus

    Felix Atellus

    A Devout Arbitrator who despite his young age has quickly risen among the ranks of the Adeptus Arbites with his well rounded abilities.
  • Iago Sparrows

    Iago Sparrows

    A Zealous Cleric who prefers to kill the unrighteous up close so he can watch them realize their crimes to the Emperor.
  • Litlus Dariel

    Litlus Dariel

    Processing...Male, Void Born. Age 57, Tech-Priest
  • Tybalt Mithrus

    Tybalt Mithrus

    A loyal Scholar of the Administraum with a perceptively sharp mind and surprisingly able-bodied at feats of strength.
  • Yarni


    A Feral World Guardswomen who has progressed through the ranks of service no doubt in part to her experiences during the thrice damned Tranch War.