Captain Elias Shadrack

Captain of the Cygnan Martyr


A dour, no-nonsense man with hard eyes that have seen much over the years. He walks with visible pain in his back and has a long scar down the left side of his face.


Shadrack is a former Imperial Guard Lieutenant who returned broken in body and spirit from the Margin Crusade 11 years ago and spent a full year recovering in a Hospitaller facility. He has fought hard to be where he is now and ses the captaincy of his ship as a measure of freedom in a universe of shackles and chains. He is willing to skirt the edge of the law or even take dangerous jobs, if it means keeping his ship flying. He means to see his ship stay in the air and complete his contracts—in that order, preferably with minimum fuss.

Captain Elias Shadrack

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