Arch-Cardinal Ignato



Titles: Emperor Blessed, Luminous Vex Calyx
Seat of Power: Scintilla (Hive Tarsis)
Arch-Diocese: Golgenna Reach


For well over a century, Ignato has directed the interests of the Ministorum within the Calixis Sector. He rose from the ranks of the Tarsine Synod and took over from a weak and largely ineffective predecessor; many within the church credit the strength and power of the Scintillian Ministorum to his steady hand and careful judgements. For all of his great power and influence, however, Ignato is seldom seen outside the walls of the Cathedral of Illumination on Scintilla. Every decade or so he may travel to the Lucid Court should a pressing matter arise where he feels he must meet with Sector Lord Hax personally, but for much of the daily running of the Calixian Ministorum, Ignato remains out of sight. For this reason there are few, even among the faithful, who know exactly what the Arch-Cardinal looks like, having only a vague impression of an imposing figure in Arch-Cardinal’s regalia based on generic-looking portraits, statues or holo-pics. This of course is all part of Ignato’s power and mystery, allowing him to use doubles, agents and lesser Ministorum servants to carry out his will quietly and without drawing undue attention. It is also a prudent security measure as Ignato has many enemies both within the Ministorum and without, for as the highest ranking member of the Ecclesiarchy in the Calixis Sector he is a natural target for any foes of the Imperial Creed (and of these there are more than a few). Ignato has made his presence very strongly felt in his time in the office of the Arch-Cardinal and has done much to both expand the influence and domain of the church as well as to consolidate its holdings. First and foremost has been his campaign to raise and support vast numbers of independent preachers, confessors and missionaries so that the church might have a stake on every world within the sector, and even some worlds only nominally under Imperial control. This pushing back of the Ministorum’s boundaries, while costly in lives, has had some successes and added greatly to the church’s coffers through new tithes, as well as burnishing Ignato’s reputation with the greater Ecclesiarchy and the distant Segmentum Synods. In his role as the Arch-Cardinal Ignato has also done much to cement the bonds between Sector Synod members and forge closer ties between the Diocese Cardinals, the worlds they control, and the myriad of sects and cults on each of those worlds. Though far from unified, for the first time in millennia the Sector Synod has the ability to create Ministorum policy across the entire sector (if of course they could ever agree on what that policy might be), which in itself is a massive achievement.

Arch-Cardinal Ignato

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