Iago Sparrows

A Zealous Cleric who prefers to kill the unrighteous up close so he can watch them realize their crimes to the Emperor.


Iago’s father Julius Sparrows, a renowned aquilia fighter pilot, had fallen in love with and married his logistics officer kalta . Within a year of their Marriage Kalta was pregnant, Julius could not be happier. On the eve of their child’s birth, Julius’s wing was launched on a routine escort mission to inspect a vessels cargo. All was expected to go without incident, yet when the wing formed up into escort formation around the frigate, energy signals from weapons platforms not previously detected spiked, indicating their activation.

Without warning the frigate opened fire upon Julius and his wing men. So close to the craft, and unexpecting of the attack, the aquilia fighters were torn to pieces. Without hesitation Julius increased power to his engine in an attempt to gain some maneuvering room. With horror he saw his comrades, men he had trained with for decades, vaporized by by turbo lasers. Their brief screams rang in his ears before being overcome by static as the ships crumpled like tissue under the volume of fire from the enemy mega bolters.

Within seconds his team was dead, Julius felt the sensors of additional guns training in on him. Pulling at the sticks he urged his fighter to bank as auto cannon fire strafed his flank. As the ships power bled out from his ruined engines, Julius could hear his commander furiously shouting to take down the traitorous vessel. For a moment he thought he was saved, until he realized the cause for his commanders anger. The frigate was making a warp transition, and he was going to be pulled into the warp with them.

Weather it was by luck, or some cruel fate of the gods, the frigate stopped shooting at Julius. Floating freely in space, in a vessel unrated for warp transition, Julius screamed as the frigate made the jump to the warp, pulling his Aquila with it.

It is unknown what happened to Julius, (though it is widely speculated that he died some horrible death instantly upon transition, however others argue that he died an even worse , more terrifying death unthinkable to the mortal mind, over a much longer, more drawn out period of time) but that same day kalta gave birth to his son. hearing of her husbands death during the birthing process, she was struck with grief and died shortly after naming the child, Iago.

Without a family, Iago was sent to a Schola Progentium on world of Clove. Iago grew up with knowledge of the treachery leading to his parents deaths. In his early years he would often receive letters from friends of his parents, describing their lives, bravery, and love. Though sent with good intention, these letters built a hole in Iago’s heart, knowing what should have been his, a family he would never have.

The pain tore at him with growing ferocity as he aged. A temporary relief was to speak out, voicing his disgust of the wrongs in this world. At first he would speak out of the injustices and misdoings he saw in his own little world, teachers he didn’t like, assignments he found to be time consuming and boring. The faculties of his school were not amused, but his peers loved it. Large gatherings swamped his speaking, and Iago was pleased.

With age he found passion in his speaking, and with fire and hatred he fueled his maturing sermons. Speaking out against the enemies of the imperium even the instructors gathered for his lectures. He found motivation in the scribed skull of a poet, who had died bravely fighting off pirates who had attacked the luxury vessel owned by the poet. Not a man of violence, the pilot had stood his ground and defended himself against a hated enemy. The skull has not since left his side, a reminder that we must all do our part.

Sadly preaching wasn’t enough for the troubled teen. More and more he acted out, getting in fights with those who disagreed with him. He became to much to handle. The Drill Abbots tried physical punishments such as the whip, but in his mind he was just and right. To the instructors dismay, he thought the inflictions where rewards for his work, the pain a gift from the emperor. Iago even went do far as to inflict pain himself, piecing his ears and tattooing his arms and shoulders. He even kept a memento of his first whipping, a vial of the sand upon which he was first punished.

Upon his graduation and induction into the Clovian Ecclesiarch at the age of 19, an agent of the Ordo Heriticus approached Iago. His out speaking a had become a thing of interest to an inquisitor operating on Clove. Iago accepted the offer with gusto and ambition, hoping to be able to do violence to those he preached against, heritics, mutants, and the witch. To his dismay he was stationed on Scintilla in a position where he was to preach to the billions of filthy lower givers and millions of middle hive citizens, with only the instruction to “await further orders, and be patient.”

While his task of preaching was of no burden to him, coming naturally and bringing him joy in his life, it was not what he had expected from life working under an inquisitor. For three years he slowly moved up the chains of politics in Scintilla’s clergy, hidden hands guiding and grooming his path to insure he was positioned where they wanted him. With each move Iago received a note to “await further instruction, and be patient.”

Now, three years after his acceptance into the Ordo Heriticus, Iago has the great honor to asset in maintaining the inventory of Ecclesiarchical relics on Scintilla, cleaning and keeping a record of these priceless artifacts with a smile on his face. Four weeks ago he was moved to this station, a message had been passed to him mearly stating, "await further instructions,” no mention of patience…

Iago Sparrows

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