Inquisitor Kalta Ferrus

The acolytes patron


Sex: Female
Age: ??
Ordo: Hereticus – The largest of the Ordos, an Inquisitor of the Hereticus seeks out mutants, traitors and rogue psykers across the Imperium.

The Inquisitor lives her life by three creeds that she imparts on all her acolytes:

Estis Servatus Etsi Estis Obscenus (Be saved even though you are filthy): She believes everyone, no matter how base and vile their sins, can be redeemed – whether in this life or the next… most often the latter.

Facta Non Verba (Deeds not words): Thinking can be a virtue, but then again it wastes valuable heretic-purging time.

Quo Fata Vocant (Whither the fates lead): Not possessing an overly rigid scheme or plan, whatever events may arise are wherever this Inquisitor Ferrus shall head.


Inquisitor Ferrus is still much of a shadowy enigma to the acolytes. Having recruited them and placed them into their cell she tends to remain at a distance interacting mainly though Telepathica orders left at prearranged dead drop sites.

It is evident that through her dealing and the inclusion of one of their numbers among your ranks she maintains some ties with the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Inquisitor Kalta Ferrus

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