Cardinal Kregory Hestor

Cardinal of the Drusus Marches and main rival of Arch-Cardinal Ignato


Titles: Blessed of the Saint, the Black Cardinal
Seat of Power: Thical
Arch-Diocese: Drusus Marches


Just as Scintilla and Golgenna Reach are the administrative centre of the Ministorum in the Calixian Sector, so the Drusus Marches are its spiritual centre—or at least so Cardinal Kregory Hestor continually likes to remind the other members of the Sector Synod. Well into his second century, Kregory is a massive, corpulent man, made rich by the coin of pilgrims and full of self-importance. As the Cardinal of the Drusian Diocese, his domain includes the highest proportion of shrine worlds of any within the sector, including the most sacred worlds of Maccabeus Quintus and Sentinel, both blessed by the presence of the Saint. Thus, Kregory sees himself as at very least the equal of Arch-Cardinal Ignato, if not his better.

Cardinal Kregory Hestor

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