Litlus Dariel

Processing...Male, Void Born. Age 57, Tech-Priest


Litlus Dariel was born and raised on the space hulk ‘The Cherub’. The crew of The Cherub were extended family. Parents died when he was 15 due to an explosion in the engine room causing depressurization sucking everyone there into the void.

Litlus became the go to guy for electronic repairs and the Cherub’s ship to ship communication expert. For fun, Litlus would tap into the ship’s video cam and security feed and would watch the other crew members. Sometimes he would sell videos of crew members having sex for extra money when they were docked.

The Cherub made its living collecting and selling scrap found in space. They were hired to collect the cargo and scrap from a ship that had been destroyed by a passing asteroid storm that was owned by a lord. One piece of cargo that was recovered was different from the others. It looked like some sort of cybernetic helm that covered the entire head and face, and paired with a portable control system. When one of the crew members tried to activate it everyone in the room developed terrible headaches. When no one was looking Litlus took the helm to see if he could find out what it did.

While Litlus was experimenting with the helm when raiders attacked. When the raiders boarded they killed most of the crew. Litlus and a hand full of others managed to hid from the raiders using litlus’ access to the ships cameras and security network. The raiders appeared to be searching for something and would not leave. For two days the remaining crew played cat and mouse with the raiders while they tearing apart the ship searching. On the second day both the Cherub and the raider’s ship were boarded by red robed figures. They killed the raiders and quickly took control of the Cherub’s network blocking Litlus out. The robed figures captured Litlus and the others, and separated them from each other soon after.

Over the next few days Litlus was interrogated about the Cherub’s activities, their latest mission, and he knew about any of the items that were picked up. When Litlus asked about the other crew members he was told that they had been scraped for servorter parts. He was also given several test most repairing bits of broken machinery and other tech. At the end of the test the robed men told him he was to become a tech priest.

While training, Litlus continued his voyeuristic habits and spied on his fellow acolytes using local network feeds, or placing cameras himself. He caught two talking about secrete studies of theirs. interested in learning what they were studying, he stumbled upon the fact that they were a part of a heretical cabal studying the warp through technology. He warned his superiors about this and the cabal was quickly broken up, however not all its members were caught.

Litlus Dariel

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