Septimus Dexter

The White Scholar of Quaddis, last survivor of Inquisitor Karkalla's Cell


Hiding uner a pre-prepared cover since the attack on his master, the last survivor of Inquisitor Karkalla’s cell spends his time under the assumed indentity of a Vexilphilogist of the Sibellan universities by the name of Septimus Dexter. Frightened and hunted he is still loyal to his inquisitorial oath.


Septimus Dexter is, in part what he appears to be: a seller or rare books and scholar of flag heraldry. The aged, stifling dust, and forgetful old man that most see, however, is a facade that hides a razor-sharp mind that has long been in the service of the Calixian Ordos.

Septimus Dexter

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