Tybalt Mithrus

A loyal Scholar of the Administraum with a perceptively sharp mind and surprisingly able-bodied at feats of strength.


Raised as the son of Grox herders on Cyrus Vulpa, Tybalt Mithrus spent most of his youth lifting bales and performing feats of strength to impress the local girls. Between his impressive physique and his kind heart, Tybalt’s status in the community was strong and he would have his choice of mates when it became time to settle. Because Tybalt’s education consisted merely of the care and feeding of Grox, he had no desire to leave the perfect Savannah life he had always known. Tybalt’s parents were happy that their son would continue their family profession.

All this would have been Tybalt’s life if not for the robed figure who passed through town one day. Recognizing the traveler as a stranger with no place for food and shelter, Tybalt offered the traveler lodging and hospitality at the Mithrus family home. That night, Tybalt awaken to the smell of brunt flesh and saw his family estate in flames. Rushing to the window, Tybalt noticed that the conflagration appeared to surround the entire town. Within the flames, Tybalt thought he could see strange shapes take form and dart between the houses. Horrific screams pierced the air, as if dark agony had taken hold of every available heart and released the collective torment all at once. Tybalt rushed to find his parents, only to discover them in their bed with flames smothering their bodies. Tybalt saw the traveler standing over his parents and reading from a strange book that appeared to hover above the bed. The sounds the traveler spoke, for you could not call them words, painfully leapt form the traveler’s mouth and seemed to excite the fire. Between the sights, the sounds, and the smoke, Tybalt’s fragile mind collapsed, as did his body upon the floor.

Much later, Tybalt awoken to two men bearing crests that he did not recognize. They demanded Tybalt explain what happened to the town and why he was found with a heretical text cradled in his arms. Tybalt tried to explain what he had seen that night, but realized that he could not remember one discernable trait about the strange traveler. Not the face, not the sound of the voice, not even if the traveler was male or female. The two men did not believe Tybalt’s story and accused him of having used the heretical text to summon evil forces to corrupt and destroy his hometown. This allegation angered Tybalt, who rose to strike at the men. However, as Tybalt put weight upon his legs, pain overcame him. He looked down to see his legs horribly deformed, with bone twisting in unnatural ways. As Tybalt fell to the ground, one of the men sheathed the shock maul he was holding, drew his shotgun, and buttstroked Tybalt unconscious.

Tybalt awakened in a prison cell. The jailers told him that he was to remain there until Justice found him not innocent. Due to his deformity, Tybalt was regulated to the helping at the prison library. Never before had Tybalt seen so many books. Never before had Tybalt seen any book not on the proper raising and care of a Grox. Finding himself with some time before his certain execution, Tybalt busied himself with all the books he could find.

Particularly, Tybalt gravitated towards books on the occult and the strange. Ever since that night, Tybalt would have nightmare visions about what he had seen. The nightmares would disrupt his sleep and would even invade his waking mind. The occult books occupied Tybalt’s mind with other horrific images that would at least silence the true horrors he had witnessed. But, Tybalt knew he would never have a restful sleep again.

Eventually, the prison warden came to tell Tybalt with unbelievable news that Tybalt had been found innocent. However, as punishment for Tybalt wasting the Justice system’s time with his imprisonment, all holdings and property of the Mithrus family were confiscated. Tybalt was then released from the prison.

Having no home, no family, and no possessions, Tybalt traveled throughout the sector attempting to make heads or tails of what he endured. He traveled from church to church to look through their archives for information on the stranger or the horrors of that night. Due to his deformity and the chance that others would know of his imprisonment, Tybalt learned to blend in and pass unnoticed or unremembered through a place. Once a light that lit up the town’s gatherings, Tybalt became a dim, unlikable figure that craved isolation.

Eventually his actions and learning were brought to the attention of a woman who appeared behind Tybalt one day. She bore the same insignia as the men would had questioned Tybalt about that night. Tybalt immediately became fearful for his freedom and suspected that the woman was here to return Tybalt to prison. Surely, they must have been mistaken. No one is ever found innocent. Why would they arrest you if you were innocent? Everyone is not innocent on some crime or another.

To Tybalt’s surprise, the woman clarified that she was not there to take Tybalt back to prison. Instead, she has come to offer Tybalt a job working for her. He would become a scholar in her employ. She also offered to replace Tybalt’s deformed legs with new cybernetic ones that were even better than his original. The only thing she asked in return was complete and utter loyalty. Tybalt accepted the offer.

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Tybalt Mithrus

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