Navigator's Tre'arc's Staff

This weapon is elegantly crated with the finest details and scrollwork. Made of silver, imperial litanies of inlaid wood cover the staff.

weapon (melee)
Class Range Damage Penetration Special Weight
Melee N/A 1d10 I 2 Balanced, Special 3.5kg

Special :

  • In addition to normal Damage, whenever a psyker damages an opponent, he or she may, as a Free Action, channel psychic force and killing will into the weapon. Treat this effect as a power with a Treashold of 6. On a success, the wielder and victim make opposed Willpower Test. For every degree of success the force weapon’s wielder deals an additional 1d10 points of Damage Ignoring Armor and Toughness bonus.
  • Force Weapons cannot de destroyed by a power weapon’s field.
  • A force staff also acts as a Psy-Focus.

Navigator Tre’arc was Pontius Haarlock’s navigator prior to his disappearance in the warp. Legend holds that he once banished a greater demon of the warp just by staring at it. It was due in large part to his skill at navigating the warp that Pontius Haarlock was able to discover folds in space that allowed him access to power very few can even dream about.

Navigator's Tre'arc's Staff

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