The Gilded Widow



A Life-size automaton formed from gold and encrusted with agates and rubies, dressed in an archaic gown of crimson and purple silks. The automaton has an open aperture in it’s chest, reveling an intricate clockwork mechanism of staggering complexity. The figure is seated on a high-backed throne with an inbuilt table set before the figure, all carved with geometric and occult symbols. The gilded figure’s head rests on its chest, and in it’s right hand it hold a ruby chalice, whilst in its left hand is an ivory set of the Emperor’s Tarot in a silvered slip-case. A label at the foot of the throne read “The Most Sacred and Wondrous Oracular Device, Known to Men as the Gilded Widow.”


The device is extremely unnerving to look at, even when inert. Chronometers malfunction nearby, auspex systems register malfuntions, and Psykers get a creeping feeling of horror the longer they stand near.

The Gilded Widow

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