Adeptus Ministorum

Adeptus ministorum symbol

The Ecclesiarchy (officially the Adeptus Ministorum) is the only official state church of the Imperium. It maintains and spreads the Imperial Cult throughout the Imperium. Although the interpretation of particular Imperial Cult dogmas varies through the Imperium, any extreme deviance from its strictures is considered heresy and dealt with great severity.

The Ministrorum is a powerful group in the Calixis Sector. The Area is sacred to the Saint Drusus and is a destination for pilgrims from many sectors around, with many of it’s most notable place being religious in nature. Cardinal Ignato is energetic in keeping up the numbers of active preachers and confessors in the sector and these promulgators of the Imperial word are the most common adepts by far on most of the sector’s worlds.

Sector Synod

At the top of the Ministorum’s hierarchy within the Calixis Sector are the Carinals of the Sector Synod. Led by Arch-Cardinal Ignato from the Cathedral of Illumination on Scintilla, the Sector Synod is more of an idea or principle than a rigid structure or chain of comman. In theory the synod is made up of a Cardinal from each of the Calixian Arch-Dioceses and can therefore implement policy or Ministorum edicts across the entire Calixis Sector all under the careful eye of Arch-Cardinal Ignato. in practice, the true power rests more in the hands of the the individual Diocesan Synods, often known by the world where the Cardinal resides.

Cardinals of the Calixis Sector:

Arch-Cardinal Ignato
Cardinal Kregory Hestor
Cardinal Pyris Valcarna
Cardinal Quiro Olranna
Cardinal Cal Sutai Arran
Cardinal Fortis
Cardinal Dantius Londsholt
Cardinal Yvenna

Saints of the Calixis Sector:
Saint Drusus

Adeptus Ministorum

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