Galactic Position: 94-72/CS/SE 94-72/CS/SE.
Population: 1,500,000,000
Tithe Grade: Exactus Extremis
Tropospheric Composition:Nitrogen 70%, Oxygen 20%, Argon 1%, Ozone 1.5%, Carbon Dioxide 5.5%.
Mean Surface Temperature: 25°C Star-side/ 13°C Twilight-side.
Climate: Temperate/Desert climate.
Notes: Splinter Winds of Barsapine – these are 700km force winds carrying fragments of ceramic matter capable of sheering a lightly armoured human to bone in less than 30 seconds.

Geography: Population concentrated around poles. Seven continents, three populated.Major Cities Inlcude: Kephstron Altis; Kephstron Inferior northern pole; Skaltine planetary capital; Descrayne southern pole; Numerous smaller communities make up approximately half of the total population. Frequent friction between northern and southern pole communities lead to a history of warfare between the two.
Satellites: Reflective mirror maintains daily life cycle through light reflection off the Gilded Cathedral
Government: Divinatory Thaumocracy. Regional leaders and governorship decided by divination.
Adept Presence: Low. Adeptus Arbites (Skaltine and Kephistron Inferior); Administratum tithing mission (Skaltine).
Military: Barsapine Planetary Defense Forces based out of Skaltine
Economy: Pottery is considered to be among the sectors finest.
Principle Exports: Cogitation cells and pottery.

++++Planetary Information++++
Barsapine is an Imperial World in the Adrantis Nebula Subsector. The Planet is tidally locked and does not rotate. It’s western face is a burnt desert and warm winds sweep acroos the planet from the west. Kephistron Altis is located along the night ridge and is under an eternal night, warmed only by the winds and lit by reflected light from the Gilded Cathedral.

“May life learn you” is a typical Barsapinian Curse.

A stable warp route links Baraspine to Scintilla.


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