Chimera armoured transport|

The Chimera is the primary armoured infantry transport for the Imperial Guard and is a highly versatile vehicle. It has been used as a chassis for many other vehicles and has been
in service for many thousands of years.


The primary role of the Chimera is to accompany tanks into battle and provide cover and support to infantry formations. When there are few tanks available, the Chimera often becomes a hard point which infantry can gather around and use as cover before charging into enemy formations while the Chimera uses its heavy weapon to great effect. Generally, the Chimera will move forwards, deploy troops and retreat to a safer position before once again moving forwards to pick up a squad should they need moving or evacuating.

Chimeras, like all transports; save infantry the hard task of slogging across the battlefield. They generally carry med-kits and vox equipment, allowing the infantry to patch up and receive new orders rapidly. Troops can also resupply from the Chimera’s ammo stocks, making them a far more efficient force than standard foot-slogging infantry.


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