My Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart and mourning sadness I write to you this day, may we never forgot our dear friends who gave their lives on that accursed island. However, he who has faith in the Emperor will persevere and it is with a renewed sense of duty that I lift my pen to deliver unto you these tidings of great import. A mutual friend of ours, one you will no doubt be surprised to discover with who I am acquainted, has contacted me. While her shadowy purpose is still an enigma I am want to enter the fold of your clandestine musings. She has made me an offer I could hardly refuse given the recent events we survived. A chance to live the stories of legend and participate in the shadow war that exists throughout the sector was not something I could refute.

Therefore, I have leveraged a large portion of my not so meager family holdings and acquired the Trade Frigate ‘Sky Jester’ for use in the war against the Emperor’s enemies. Needing a captain I could trust I hired the good Captain Shadrack, he tried to decline on the grounds that he knew so little of starships but I am certain that with a good crew he will be just what I need. In fact once properly motivated he agreed but on the grounds that he be a partner in the endeavor and to that end has sold the Cyan Martyr to fund his part of the ship’s procurement. He also brought on as first mate his companion Nahun Grist and several crew members to help staff the ship. We are currently in negotiations with a several “reputable” dredge-gangs for additional manpower and anticipate that the ship will be fully supplied and ready to sail in two weeks.

I tell you all of this because the shared acquaintance I mentioned earlier in this letter has asked that I arrange transportation for you back to Scintilla. She said it had something to do with the Baraspine incident? I have also been given a data slate for your edification and instruction. Please come and call on me at the Cistern Trade holds near the morning side star port.


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