Galactic Position: 1056/45/CS/H.
Population: 16,000,000,000
Tithe Grade: Exactus Extremis
Tropospheric Composition:Nitrogen 48%, Oxygen 12%, Argon 1%, Ozone 0.4%, Carbon Dioxide 35.1%.
Mean Surface Temperature: -12°C
Climate: Extremely cold nights and days planet-wide.

Geography: Possesses three mountainous and rocky continents separated by frozen seas and oceans. On the largest continent lies the capital city of Hive Loquist on the eastern side and Hive Locust on the western. A the northern polar cap is Primus Gul, and on the smallest southern continent is Forge Nuelus hive.
Satellites: Lo has one tiny moon which acts mainly as a docking station for cargo haulers to and from the forges of the planet. br>
Government: Imperial Adeptus Terra
Adept Presence: Adeptus Terra, Adeptus Administratum, Adeptus Ministorum, Adeptus Astra Telepathica(Astropathic Choir at Loquist), Adeptus Arbites (low Arbitrator to civilian ratio).
Military: Loquist Longuns (local Planetary Defence Forces; high quality force, based at Loquist Hive), numerous Loquist Regiments (1-114th; medium/high quality force, based at Loquist Hive), Gul Gundogs (local Planetary Defence Forces; low quality force, mainly defensive heavy artillery based at Hive Gul).
Economy: Forge Nuelus and Loquist Hive are the leading suppliers of high quality weapons and munitions in the Drusus marches. The planet imports rare metals to augment its all ready abundant mineral stores. Industrial base sufficient to meet local needs.

++++Planetary Information++++
Lo is a large, frozen hiveworld to rimward located in the Drusus Marches. Home to the Loi Metal Works. The metal works, whose ruling family basically runs Hive Loquist, is the planet’s chief exporter and leading producer of weapons and munitions on the planet.

The Frozen surface of the planet conceals overly abundant mineral stores within the planet’s crust. The only limiting factor in accessing the natural resources is harsh climet of the planet. Numerous mining colonies dot the planet’s surface with most having been abandoned before becoming operational.

Contact With other Worlds
A semi-stable warp route links Lo to The Lathes.


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