Galactic Position: 198/23/CS/NW.
Population: Unknown/Variable (estimated to be less than 5 million)
Tithe Grade: Colonial Exemption
Tropospheric Composition:Nitrogen 71%, Oxygen 23%, Argon 1%, Ozone 1%, Carbon Dioxide 2.5%.
Mean Surface Temperature: 22°C.
Climate: Abundent flora, ideal life sustaining conditions, few hazardous life forms other than those introduced from off-world. The only major settlement is in the northern polar region (Xicarph-colonial center of governance.) br>

Geography: Extensive tropical equatorial region with wild, uncultivated temperate zones and saline seas covering the majority of the landmass. Ice-bound polar Regions.
Government: Colonial administration-Central aAuthority Indefinitely Suspended.
Planetary Governor: None (Last Colonial Governor Regent- Thaddeus Haarlock circa 457-690.M41).
Adept Presence: Minor Adeptus Administratum and Adeptus Ministorum presence. Note: Due to its unique history, Quaddis is adjudged not to be full part of the Imperium of Man nor subject to the full weight of its law.
Military: Military: None except private vassal of the fief owners.
Economy: None. Quaddis has no industry, has nothing to trade, and has no basis for any economy other than the intrinsic wealth of its masters.

++++Planetary Information++++
Description: Having only one city, the remainder of the planet is given over to vast estates known as fiefs. Each fief is used for whatever diversion the owners wish, from cultivating rare vintages to hunting exotic creatures. Fiefs located on Quaddis are the absolute realm of their owners and, within they are subject to only their own laws with many owners claiming “what the Emperor does not know, will not hurt him.”

Quaddis’ star system is also unusual in two ways. The first being the strange and erratic orbits of it’s many small planets, which lead in turn to many strange and unpredictable tidal forces and cosmological phenomena (of which the “Grand Conjunction” is the best known). The second is the way in which the system is almost totally alone in its volume of space, far from other inhabited systems, unattended by trade routes, and not appearing on many star charts.

++++Contact with other Worlds++++
Stable warp routes link Quaddis only to Solomon and the Forbidden Ice World of Mara


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