Saint Drusus


No Imperial Saint is as revered in the Calixis sector as Saint Drusus, General-Militant (later Lord-Militant) of the Angevin Crusade that forged the Calixis sector out of the Calyx Expanse, and the first Lord Sector of Calixis. In the hearts of the Calixis population, he is second only to the God-Emperor Himself; he is portrayed as a stern, fair, militant Saint who offers compassion and faith to the downtrodden, and fire and doom to the foul xeno and heretic.

Saint Drusus began his path to Sainthood as a young general, a scion of an old noble family from Scarus Sector and a protege of Lord-Militant Angevin. He distinguished himself in the Angevin Crusade by taking the strategically important planet of Iocanthos in a single week, toppling a fierce warlord and his terrible daemon-worshipping followers, in 363.M41. As the Crusade stalled from indecision, Warp storms, over-extended supply lines, and attacks by the monstrous xeno race called the Yu’Vath, Saint Drusus was the only General-Militant who demonstrated success, aided by Rogue Traders Sibylline Haarlock and Ludd Sabrehagen. Forces led by the Drusus smashed the Yu’Vath empire that occupied most of what is today Malfi and Drusus Marches Sub-Sectors. While rallying his forces on Maccabeus Quintus.

Drusus was slain by an unknown assassin (some say it was his rivals, others claim it was Angevin himself, while others still believe that it was a daemon), yet the next day he rose from the dead – the soldiers, priests and even the Astartes – Angels of the Emperor – were witness to this miracle and proclaimed it as such. Reinvigorated by this miracle the Imperial forces finished the cleansing of the Drusus March and banished the remnants of the Yu’Vath to the lawless region that would later become the Koronus Expanse, never to be seen again. In recognition of this deed, Drusus replaced Angevin as Lord-Militant of the Crusade and became the first Lord-Sector of Calixis in 384.M39. As the first Lord-Sector he was also among the greatest rulers that Calixis knew. He penned the Corpus Presidium Calixis (the legal code of the sector), built the great palaces and offices of the Imperial bureaucracy on capital world of Scintilla, founded the Calixian Holy Synod in Hive Tarsus in Scintilla, granted the Lathes system in perpetuity to the Adeptus Mechanicus, founded the great noble and mercantile families of the sector, and ratified the trade charters that laid the foundations of Calixis’ prosperity. He died peacefully in 417.M39, and his resting place is unknown but rumoured to be either on Maccabeus Quitus or on Sentinel in the Drusus Marches. Less than a century later, in 502.M39 he was Beautified by the General Synod of Holy Terra, and the Cult of Saint Drusus was recognized as an accepted and orthodox branch of the Imperial Faith.

Saint Drusus

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