Sky Jester

Sky jester

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 1.4 km long, 0.3 km abeam at fins approx.
Mass: 6.3 megatonnes approx
Crew: 20,500 crew; approx.
Accel: 3.95 gravities max sustainable acceleration.
STL Drive: Jovian Pattern Class 2
Warp Engine: Strelov 1
Sensor Set: Mark-201.b Auger Array
Defenses:Geller Field and Single Void Shield Array
Armaments: Prow mounted Mars Pattern Macrocannon Battery and Titanforge Lance


Owned by Lanus Cisten and captained by Captain Elias Shadrack, Sky Jester was purchased after after the events of the Haarlock Incident on Solomon. As a former war vessel she is able to provide significant protection to it’s crew and cargo during transport.

Conversions and additions include:

  • Conversion of primary quarters and munition storage to cargo hold and lighter bay
  • Conversion of officer quarters to more luxurious quarters
  • Addition of a Temple-Shrine to the God Emperor
  • Librarium containing Lanus’ extensive collection of histories and esoteric lore.

Sky Jester

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