Requiem for a Sector


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Date: (9.)873.817.41

When the Acolytes broke onto the surface of Quaddis they found themselves in the middle of a festival. The Carnival of Blood in honor of the Grand Conjunction was is full swing and the party found themselves in the midst of the arena district of Xicarph, the planet’s only city.

Asking around about where most adepts would tend to congregate the Inquisitorial cell set off for the Refutation District. Once there further questioning brought the party in contact with their target. Establishing bona fides with the White Scholar the group spoke at length with him about the happenings occurring on the planet.

The White Scholar, known as Septimus Dexter, shared all he knew. Explaining that he believes the nihilistic warp-cult Pilgrims of Hayte seek to claim some item of import during the Grand Conjuncture. Using the services of The Beast House slavers and smugglers the Pilgrims have brought in individuals marked by warp-prophecy who will help them achieve this goal. While not sure of exactly what they were plotting Septimus did know it had something to do with the Widower of Xicarph, a supposed mythical bogeyman and killer used by the Haarlock family as an assassin. Septimus also provided a place to rest as well as some information on the Pilgrims of Hayte and Karkalla’s personal files on Haarlock.

During the reading of Karkalla’s Tybalt discovered several encoded notes scribbled on the back of the folder containing the files. Spending well over a day and a half trying to decipher the code it wasn’t until the illiterate Faritus possibly through warp sorcery ever the surprisingly clever Feral Worlder, blurted out a possible answer to the code. Using the idea he put forth the rest of the group was able to decipher the notes, which somehow linked the names Haarlock and Drusus through a complicated numerological equation. Encouraged but confused the group decided to investigate other leads about the Heron mask beginning with a street preacher known to speak out against such a figure.

While en route to find the preacher the group was waylaid as they observed several men chase a Phyrr Cat into an alley. Offering to help cage the animal to get in the good graces of an arena operator the group tried to capture the beast. During the short operation Bar’bosa was viciously killed when he reached out to the warp to sense the presence of the beast and the cat attacked, tearing his leg off and spilling his entrails all over the street. Without hesitation or mourning the group promptly turned around, left the Phyrr cat feasting on the body of their companion, and returned to the alley’s entrance and wished the men chasing the cat “good luck.” The jaded group of Acolytes then continued on their way.

Meeting with Obadiah Saul was a strange event. The fire and brimstone preacher claimed to have seen the living body of St. Drusus on the planet Clove while serving as a Chaplin for the 23rd Drusus Dragoons. Once Saul saw Drusus, he set off to proclaim the good news. He became stranded when the barge he was on was diverted to Xicarph at the whim of its noble master. He spoke at length of the Heron mask calling him the false prophet of a corrupt cult that attacked Obadiah in his chapel within the Collapsed Palaces. Saul was planning to gather a force large enough to assault and reclaim his chapel and left the group calling on his flock to gather around him as continued preaching as they traveled to another location. Not sure how helpful the information the preacher provided the group headed off to the Twilight Gardens and visit with the Spider Bride.

While making their way to the district known as the Akasen, Yarni and Iago noticed a face in the crowd staring directly at them. Yarni recognized the face as belonging to Master Nonesuch from Solomon and relayed the information to the group.

The meeting with the Spider Bride emanated a palpable danger, the Bride crouched like her namesake at the center of her web provided the group with cryptic answers and seemed to know everything about them. Stating that she would provide the group with invitations to the celebrations at the Gabriel Chase, she asked a small favor in return. The invitation she said would answer their questions and was required for them to stop Heron mask, all that remained is that the group deliver a package to Papa Grist the proprietor of the Fates Wheel, a gambling hall of renown. Suspicious of the package but agreeing the party set off to complete the Spider Brides errand.

As the party was leaving the Grattos of the Gardens of Unearthly delight, a man who identified himself as Nill Lok and stated that he worked for Lady Du’landra Melua approached them. Lok commented that Lady Melua was intrigued at the questions the group had been asking about the Heron masked man as she too was interested in him. She requested and audience with the party at their earliest connivance. The Acolytes agreed but commented they first needed to run an errand on behalf of the Spider Bride.

Heading to Fates Wheel with the package, the group nervously entered the renowned hall. Everywhere they looked were games and pict screens displaying area fights. It was a gamblers paradise, making their way toward the back of the hall the group discovered the entrance to the offices and tried to head back. Stopped by a man at the entrance only Felix was allowed to continue on with the package in hand. Once inside Papa Grist’s personal office he passed the package to the infamous information broker.

When the ornate silver canister about the size of a hatbox-which Grist seemed to be expecting-was opened a servitor popped out enclosed it’s thorax around Grist’s head and with a sudden snap decapitated him and scuttled off with the still screaming head in tow. Surprised, Felix looked at the two also stunned guards knowing there would be trouble . . .

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New Beginnings?

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Date: (2.)871.817.41

Arriving at Lo the Acolytes took several weeks to rest recover and resupply. The down time was needed and was great for cell moral. Unfortunately during this “vacation” the team members were being stalked, their presence discovered by unknown sinister actors. Using the dark arts a group called the Pilgrim of Hate had discovered the groups location and the role they played in events yet to play out. Abducted from Lo by the Pilgrims and smuggled on to Quaddis by the shadowy avenues open to the Beast House, the Acolytes found themselves waking in world of terror, confusion, and desperation.

The Slaughter pit that the group awoke in reeked of blood and fear, distant sounds echoed from tunnels beyond and impeding approach of vile creatures stuck fear in the not only the acolytes but their fellow prisoners as well. The slaughter began when nearby grates opened and vile beasts rushed into to attack killing several still trembling victims. A panicked scrambling effort to escape the pit began and with the help of a mysterious figure clad in dirty robes a ladder was let down. Frantically climbing out the team found the figure had left a note on the corpse of the lone guard at the pit.

Quickly gearing up with the few scraps of items they could find the Acolyte cell began their journey through the Red Cells of Quaddis looking for a path out. Along the way they were hunted by slavers and encountered a cursed idol but staying the course they eventually found their way to Vault 13 and a what appeared to be a way out.

The Vault 13 however was occupied. Inside the vault was of irregular shape and spanned hundreds of meters consisting of a haphazard maze of cages, crates, and containers of various sizes. Upon entering the acolytes discovered a the Jackal-masked Marcus Vulpa speaking in anger with two Hereteks.

“Damn your warp-rotted hides and damn him to hell’s eye! What game does he play here? He bring an Inquisitor here, to my domain, to mutilate and pry…”

Killing one as an example the man stalked off and left to the surface via elevator.

The acolytes formulating a plan to dispatch the few guard looking over the place begin to snipe from the cover of the crates and within the maze. One by one the Beast house guards fall and the Acolytes emerge from the shadows to investigate the claims of the Jackal Masked man.

Inside a dirty hospital pod the team finds the remains of Inquisitor Karkalla, hooked up to a life-support regulator with half his face flensed open. In unspeakable pain the still lucid Inquisitor is able to share some information with the Acolytes. After having the acolytes swear an oath to stop the Heron-masked man’s plans the Inquisitor asks them to seek out the white scholar, the last remaining member of his retinue. Karkalla then willed himself to die.

The acolytes, confused and bewildered headed to the elevator and began the journey to the surface…

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Cardinal Hunting

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Date: (8.)775.817.41

Upon order by Inquistor Ferrus the group boarded Sky Jester and set off to the Shrine World of Stonegarden with haste. Recovering during the journey the team prepared and trained-up for the inevitable confrontation with the heretical Arch-Cardinal.

While at anchor in the Gethayne System the Sky Jester was attacked by the ship ‘Faith Beyond Reason’ a craft of fanatical Redemptionists loyal to Ignato. Attempting to board the Sky Jester the Acolytes took part in repelling a boarding party in preparation to break contact and continue on to Stonegarden. The Redemptionists had other ideas and their pilgrim ship still locked with the Jester began to drag the two hulking vessels toward the gravity well of Gethayne Quartus. Captain Shadrack ordered a full-scale boarding action onto ‘Faith Beyond Reason’ in an attempt to take the bridge or disable the engines. The Acolytes led the force trying to take the engines.

The initial boarding action was an incredibly bloody affair with enormous losses on each side. Flamers, chain weapons and shotguns were used to great effect and while being able to establish a secure foothold the Acolytes lost nearly ninety-percent of their force in the first battle on the ship. Subsequent firefights took their toll and by the time the Acolytes made it to the engine compartment they had only a handful of the 200 crewmembers put under their command. With so few crew the battle for control of the engine control room would be difficult at best.

The initial calm encountered when the Acolytes’ boarding party entered the engine control room was quickly replaced with terror and hopelessness as a horrific machine with a hooded man strapped to it’s front engaged the group in combat. Huge chain axes and heavy flamers decimated the few remaining Sky Jester crewmen and caused terrible wounds against the acolytes. To make matters worse more Redemptionists began to flow into the room to help defend the engines. Yarni thinking quickly attempted to pilot a nearby Sentinel Powerlifter in combat with the Penitent Engine but ultimately could not overcome the frenzied combat engine. Tybalt and Felix franticly searched for the controls that would power own the engine but were unable to locate them. Iago rallied the few remaining crewmen of the Sky Jester and focused their attacks on the Redemptionists trying to defend the engines. Faritus, broken and barley able to remain on his feet after being caught by the heavy flamers of the engine, retreated in order to use a demolition charge on what he thought was a vital piece of the engines’ equipment.

As the battle slugged on and all seemed lost but the charges were set and a full retreat was ordered as the demolitions went off. In an attempt to cover their retreat Tybalt, not having any experience with high explosives thought he would try to blow bulkhead leading into the corridor the party was escaping down. Instead the explosives went off at his feet, blowing him back, bloodied, unconscious, and mangled toward the Acolytes group. With the engines shutdown the group was able to limp back to their ship.

With the pull toward Gethayne Quartus stopped the Sky Jest engaged engines and pulled itself and the Faith Beyond Reason away from the gravity well. The next several hours were spent cutting free from the pilgrim ship and getting the Sky Jester ready to continue the journey. Unfortunately for the mission the Acolytes were too badly injured to continue once they arrived at Stonegarden and spend several weeks recovering. A follow-on Inquisitorial force eventually arrived and conducted an investigation of St. Drusus’ tomb complex. The findings of were sealed as was entrance to the planet.

The Acolytes now sit in orbit above Stonegarden. Confused, lost, and unable to establish contact with their Inquisitor the party decided to travel on the Hive World of Lo, home of the Loi Metalworks Armoury, attempt to resupply and await further instructions.

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Cult Hunting

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Date: (6.)671.817.41

Arriving at Gun Metal City the party quickly secured transportation to Blinding Gultch, the place Venomskin was rumored to be located. They arrived just in time to witness the struggle between two rival gangs vying for power in Blinding Gultch, the Cadavers and the Skarit’s Dragons.

Investigations led to the discovery that the Dragons worshiped an evil Chaos blood god and that the Cadaver’s were implanting humans with parasitic xenos creatures. Trying to slink out of town as fast as possible the Acolytes began to question Kris’an, an administratum Adeptus-novice about her dealings in Blinding Gultch. Panicking the Adept took her own life out of fear of the Inquisition. A personal cogitator in her quarters took a long while to breach but eventually gave ups its secretes and showed the party the location of Venomskin’s hideaway.
Several days journey out into the Ashen Wastes the group discovered Venomskin’s hideaway in the carcass of a buried land train. Inside sat a dying Venomskin, killed by one of Ignato’s assassins. Before he passed away Venomskin gestured to a painting in his quarters. Behind the image was an envelope with a data chip containing damning evidence of Ignato’s involvement in the forgery plot. With the Chip in had the Acolytes set off to confront the Arch-Cardinal.

Securing Transport back to the Cathedral of Illumination was done in the next few days and the group headed off. Upon arrival however chaos had broken out as it seemed a rumor had begun that the pulpit in the Cathedral had begun to drip blood from the Emperor. Bezerk faithful clogged the streets around the cathedral and Arbite-APC and tanks had been destroyed in the ensuring melee. With the scalding sun beating down on them the group landed on a nearby landing pad and were confronted by a weary group of Arbites with orders to no allow anyone on the pad. After a confusing skirmish identities were passed and the Arbites stood down. Slightly injured the Acolytes quickly made their way into the cathedral. Hunting for Ignato they finally found him in the Garden of Repose.

Only… it was not Ignato but a man calling himself Caecilus Vraine and wearing the Arch-Cardinal’s skin! The powerful psyker attacked without remorse and it seemed as though no weapon could hurt the vile sorcerer. As the battle ground on the Acolytes slow began to succumb to their wounds but also seemed to be slowly damaging the warp-tainted fiend. Just as things began to turn for Vraine he summoned all his psychic power for a crushing blow the warp turned on him and consumed him body and soul. In his place an unbound demon possessed his already broken husk of a body. Before the warp-powered creature could truly wreck havoc, a lucky shot from blessed bolt round tore though the torso on the beast and ended his brief existence in the realm of reality.

In the aftermath an explosion blasted though the roof of the cathedral. From the freshly opened holed hurtled the glinting, wet, skinless body of what the group understands as the true Ignato.

+END: transmission+

The Bell Tolls

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Date: (1.)655.817.41

Returning to Silas Marr and reporting the events of the House of Dust and Ash the party was surprised after several days when Lanus Cistern contacted them with a cryptic letter that dripped with intrigue.

Meeting with Lanus the Acolytes received further orders, which led them back on to the trail of Arch Cardinal Ignato as relic inspectors. Lanus, the new owner of the starship Sky Jester and would provide transport to Scintillia. While the newly acquired ship was being prepped for the voyage the Acolytes were able to rest refit and recuperate from their recent struggles. Once on board the Sky Jester the voyage turned out to be blessedly uneventful. The party broke eventually warp and landed on Scintillia.

Securing transportation from Hive Sibellus to Hive Tarsus the group settled in for a long journey across the desolate face of the planet. When they arrived at Hive Tarsus they immediately made their way to the Cathedral of Illumination to meet with the keeper of the Cathedral’s relics; the pudgy and tonsured Archvist Drook. Drook took them on a quick tour of the Cathedral grounds pointing out the various sights and personalities that existed in the grand building. As the party came into the Nave they were met with the sight of thousands of loyal imperial subjects listening to the passionate words of the Arch-Cardinal as he preached the words of the Imperial Creed. Over come with emotion the party stood fixated for a moment at the grandeur of the scene. When the Arch-Cardinal ended the party continued its trek to the lower levels where they were shown the relics and give accommodations.

Settling in the party spend the next two days uncovering clues about the Ignato’s plans finally discovering a forgery lab beneath the pulpit in the Nave. The room contained several mindslaves emotionlessly toiling away at the reproduction of forged religious texts. From the sate of the lab the Acolytes were able to deduce the facility had been running for some time and would have produced many forged copies of non-canonical religious texts. Deeper into the forgery lab the group discovered the more specialized tools of a master forger. They also found a ledger with the name Venomskin, a notorious forger said to reside in Gunmetal City.

13 hours

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Date: (1.)483.817.41

The auction began as the fine affair it was billed to be. The Acolytes spent many credits on a staff once owned by Navigator Tre’arc after engaging in a bidding war with several other attendees. After watching the price of the goods being sold and realizing they would need many more credits if they were to have a chance at the rare items of renown the team decided they would try and hack the credit cube given to them by Inquisitor Marr. During the intermission between the item lots Skyler with encouragement from his colleagues cracked the encryption on the cube and rewrote the amount of Thrones available for the team. With renewed hope the Acolytes assembled for the second half of the auction. As small disturbance ensured between the Mourners and several Adepts before being calmed by Provost Bland. Bland then addressed the crowd stating:

“Before bidding on the greater lots, several parties have requested… and the High Mourner has insisted… against my wishes, that a demonstration be carried out, before the sale, of the oracular device known as the Gilded Widow.”

Carried reverently on a litter by six mourners, the Gilded Widow—on her throne—was brought to the dais beside Bland. High Mourner Greel removed a heart shaped ruby crystal that pulsed slowly with a crimson inner light from under his robes and fitted the “heart” into the Widow’s chest.
The transformation was sudden and remarkable, and the Gilded Widow shuttered to life. Elegant metal fingers cut and spun the cards from the tarot deck, Greel and the mourners backed away from the dais bowing, as shocked gasps escaped the crowd. The figure lifted her face, and eyes of uttermost cold darkness studied the crowed amphitheater.

“ASK AND BE ANSWERED” she stated in an empty, mocking voice.

Several members of the audience awed by the spectacle posed questions to the Widow, who in turn spoke in riddles and rhymes. Until Master Nonesuch asked if Haarlock was truly dead…

The Widow looked up from her tarot deck and studied the crowd as she spoke:

“The traveller and the scion both do live, one without and the other within. Blood of his blood, born of his line, flesh so frail caught in this web, death shall be their inheritance. Haarlock returns and ruin follows on his heels!”

As she concluded the mourners who have drifted in amoung those gathered, suddenly fell to their knees wailing and screaming as though in anguish and pain. The whole building started to shake and a roar echoed up from the foundation of the structure. Lights flicked and distant explosions were heard. Servo skulls dropped from the air and servitors collapsed lifeless. After a few moments the complex stoped shaking and the roar died down to a low rumble, and the Widow spoke again:

“Know this, the traveller has set our course and the ship cannot be turned. Thirteen hours you have, thirteen hours until his wrath drowns you all in fire and ash. Never do you learn the lessons of the past, doomed to repeat history’s sins. But first you will suffer, first you will be shriven! You have but one chance and once chance alone to placate the traveller. One gift will assuage his just fury. Give to me the blood of the scion of Haarlock, let it flow to fill this chalice and you shall live. If but my cup remains empty then the Children of the Kingdom will welcome you to your graves.”

After she had finished a stunned audience was brought to reality with Head Mourner Greel calling for the death of those who would steal from their master and cut Provost Bland in half with a power scythe causing chaos to break loose. The mourner who had been weeping drew silver knives and began attacking anyone near them. The slaughter was horrendous…

Master Nonesuch, looking for the Grey Psalter strode forward to take it and was met with Greel Scythe, only this time the target the blade found was not human. Greel bifurcated him as well only to discover a being only clad in skin and composed of writhing mass of maggot-like creatures in human form, he was a Slaugth. Stunned by his failure Head Mourner Greel was executed when Nonesuch removed his head in one quick rending strike from his powerful arm.

The acolytes, escaping the madness that surrounded them became split in their attempt to flee and spend the first couple hours trying to link up back at their quarters. Once they finally arrived they were greeted by the surprise that their roomed had been burnout and gutted by explosives. Dismayed and on the run the countdown to their death continued.

Over the next several hours the slaughter on the island played out in fits as the team struggled to survive. Along the way they encountered a demonhost summoned by the crazed Abbot Shale who killed Octavia Nile; the reawaken servitors who began to kill indiscriminately; the besieged forces of the Solomon PDF holding a strong point near the exit where they were able to reequip themselves; and the Children of the Kingdom, foul four-legged lamprey-mouthed beasts Haarlock kept as part of his trap.

Around hour 9 the group decided that one method of release from the stone prison might be located in Haarlock’s crypt and began to look for a way in. Travlling back to the auction area to consult the Gilded Widow they were surprised to see that it had been taken away and only an ambush awaited them. Returning to the main hall to regroup and think through their next action the group noticed the crypt had opened and cautiously entered. Inside they discovered the Master Nonesuch had puzzled out it’s secrete and was working to escape the island himself. The group confronted him and amused at their feeble attempts he chuckled as he disintegrated the upper half of Skyler and quickly slipped out pasted the stunned group.

With little time to mourn their deceased group member the Acolytes noticed a large clock counting down from 5 minutes and made for the unlocked door of the great hall as fast as they could, calling out the few remaining PDF troopers as they sprinted past.

Moving as fast as they could down the path to the dock the group half-ran half-rolled down the slope in a mad scramble to be free of the unholy island. Captain Shadrack was true to his word and the Cynan Martyr was still docked with its crew defending the ship from a throng of dregs and panicked dockers. Fighting their way through the crowd with help from the crew of Cynan Martyr the team boarded with several additional survivors in tow.

As they left the island the Acolytes noticed several other ships able to get free as well before the whole island erupted in fire and ash. Several Crew members were pointing to the sky above the ruined structure and when the Acolytes look to see what they were pointing at they noticed what looked like a shooting star… only traveling from the planet out to space…


Thought for the day: Ruthlessness is the kindness of the wise.

Welcome to the Necropolis

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Date: (1.)480.817.41

The group traversed the Balmire Sea aboard the Cyan Martyr in effort to arrive at the house of Dust and Ash in time for the great Haarlock Auction. In rout the ship was boarded and the Acolytes played a pivotal role in helping to stave off the attack and defend the ship. On board the team met several fellow auction attendants and befriended a peculiar minor noble scion named Lanus Cistern who had a penchant for the great histories of mankind and tales of Rogue Traders. Once the team berthed at the island that held the House of Dust and Ash a grateful Captain Shadrack pulled aside Tybalt and explained that he was paid only to ferry people to the island, not back off. He then promised to wait as long as he feasibly could for the team.

Inside the Necropolis the party registered for the auction and was met by their contact on the inside. Locutor Mayweather was beside himself with fright and nervousness as over the past couple weeks several of the adept staff had gone missing and several more had been killed by strange “accidents.” He told the party that the bizarre incidents all began to occur when a device called the Gilded Widow was brought in to sold at auction. With little else to do the Acolytes began to explore the facility and get ready to attend the scheduled events.

That evening the group attended the Formal reception where they dined and were instructed on the format and rules of the auction. After dinner they mixed the rest of the bidders and began to get an idea of who was attending the event. At the conclusion of the reception the team retired to their rooms where they became more uneasy about the events they were sent to “observe” and decided to post guards for the evening. That night Barbossa awoke in a cold sweat with a sickening feeling that something terrible had just occurred.

The next day the auction viewing took place and all the items were on display, of particular note was the aforementioned Gilded Widow. Magnificent and terrible life-sized automaton drew many interested parties and looked to be a hot item at the upcoming auction. The party noticed several attendees from the night before missing and no one seemed to know where they went. Those missing included: Several members of Navigator Brixonis’ entourage; Abbot Shale and his acolytes; Marcus Terode, however his assistants continued to catalogue the items as though nothing was amiss; Two members of Senator Nader’s party. That evening Yarni is told by Quill in passing that he and Vymer discovered the body of Marcus Terode but have not reported it and nobody seems to notice.

The next morning the auction is set to begin…


Thought for the day: Call no man happy until he is dead.

Wheels within wheels...

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Date: (7.)471.817.41

In the aftermath of the events on Baraspine Inquistor Ferrus contacted the Acolytes to inform them of her thanks. She also explained to that while the information they uncovered was of dire importance she needed to do some additional investigating into the subject before being able to move on the matter. With her sincere appreciation she permitted the acolytes several weeks of leave.

After a few weeks of recovery the team received a new mission. The inquisitorial offices on Scintilla have been formally issued a request for assistance from the settlement of Stern Hope on Iocanthos. The report suggests suspicious disturbances, possibly psychic or warp based in nature. With the acolytes recent success against such threats under their belt they were chosen to investigate the matter.

Once arriving on the planet nothing goes according to plan. Suspicious events take place and the group is hustled somewhat abruptly to a mud hovel on the outskirts of the port where they meet with Lorelii Dekanta a senior Interrogator in the the service of Inquisitor Ferrus.

She informed the team that they are being assigned to the service of Inquisitor Silas Marr within the Hall of the Chancellery Court on the planet of Solomon. When asked Lorellii explains “Be on your guard, for though it is wrong to speak ill of one of the members of the Holy Ordos, Marr has long held a sinister reputation. I have heard man powerful people, even those within the Conclave, turn to hushed whispers and glance over their shoulders fearfully when they speak his name. I know neither his Ordo nor his alliance, only that he has sat on Solomon like an old spider in a web as long as any can remember.”

The journey to Solomon was a quick one and once there the Acolytes quickly sought out Marr. Within the great bureaucracy of the court they located his office and met with the Inquisitor. He presented them with a letter and a task. Provided with invitations to attend an elite auction of items from the estate of the infamous Rogue Trader Erasmus Haarlock, Marr asked that all they do is go and observe the events. Explaining that he had even secured passage on the sky-ship Cygnan Martyr.


Thought for the day: Only the awkward question; only the foolish ask twice.

Into the Darkness

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Date: (2.)409.817.41

Venturing down into the depths of the cathedral the Acolytes were surprised to discover a vast mechanical complex below the structure above. Darkness wrapped the team but being equipped with light sources they quickly scanned around the structure. Gears turned and pistons pumped in a steady rhythm that almost possessed a living breathing quality. Skyler, attempting to establish power to nearby glow bulbs opened an electrical panel and instead caused more damage to the workings of the facility resulting in a large nearby gear grinding to a halt.

Exploring the inner workings the team discovered an armory, medicae suit, and genatorum filled with demons. Skyler began to realize the magnitude of the structure and was stunned by the realization that the Acolytes were inside of an Imperator Class titan! Inside a cramped dormitory the group discovered a headless corpse holding a bolt pistol with a vox recorder on its lap. Playing the file on the recorder uncovered that the corpse was that of the rogue trader Barabus Zanatov. The file went on to explain how he had used his fortunes to take on the guise of Tauron Hekate and establish his family and crew as nobles on the planet in effort to defend and decipher the encriped message held within the Black Sepulcher. He also mentioned a demon known as the Dei-Phage who was sent to stop him.

Not long after the recording was played the party was contacted by the titian’s machine spirit trying to signal to them to power up the titan and come to the bridge. Much debate was had over the extent of the demon possession and it was finally decided to power the war machine back on.

Making their way to the bridge the group was stunned as the full extent of their actions became clear. With titan Pax Macharia reactivated, it began to rise from the ocean shore and power it’s systems back on readying itself for battle! As the party took in the nature of the events transpiring they were suddenly greeted by the form the Dei-Phage… the God-Eater. The titan’s battle claxons blared and the request “Crewmen, Battle Stations. Man the cannons” came over the loud speakers.

As the party scrambled up to the massive quake cannon in the main hall of the cathedral they were terrified to discover the path had changed. Where the central gear chamber had stood, a soaring Libaraium had taken its place. Wreathed in flame and containing thousands upon thousands of books it was clear the team was dealing with a full warp incursion. With terror filling each acolyte buring corpses began to stumble out of the flames. “Speak it’s name…” they said before collapsing into ash upon the floor. Hunting furiously among the books as the Dei-Phage hovered above slowly burning them one by one, the group was eventually able to uncover the secret of the Die-Phage’s true name and break the hold the warp had on them.

Finding themselves in the main entry hall the team swiftly went to work trying to get the quake canon operational. Paralyzed by fear and terror, with the Emperor’s own strength they slowly moved forward, contently under assault from demons and other horrors of the warp. It was finally Tybalt that was able to reach the canon’s massive breach and prep the weapon for use. Seeing Tybalt barly on his feet from the wounds he had suffered while under assault, Bar’bosa threw himself at a winged demon tackling it in the process. With the precious few moments purchased by his comrade’s blood, Tybalt invoked the initiation rituals and the cannon was made ready to fire. Tybalt stuck the sacred firing button and … nothing happened. Despair overtook the party as they looked on the weapon thought to be their salvation with disbelief. The despair was quickly turned fear however, as suddenly the weapon tore itself apart and shattered the structure of the cathedral and throwing the acolytes across the floor.

With the party scattered and struggling to regain consciousness, the smoldering ruin of the Dei-Phage stood to punish those trying to stop it. Battling warp-fire, horror, and the utterly terrifying psychic abilities of the Demon the party fought back. Yarni, Bar’bosa, and Tybalt were engulfed and flame and very nearly died. Faritus after getting a good shot in was crushed by the power of the demons mind and left bleeding on the stone floor.

Watching his companions fall around him, barely able to hold his broken and terrified mind together, and with hands shaking, Felix Atellus lined up a shot with the bolt pistol he found earlier in the rogue trader’s hand. Time seemed to slow as he pulled the trigger and the 75-caliber rocket propelled slug erupted from the end of the weapon. The shot looked wide but, possibly by the grace of the Emperor himself, the demon turned and shot impacted hard driving the demon over the edge of the striding titan.

With the defeat of the Dei-Phage the Pax Macharia completed its journey to the Kephistron Altis and destroyed the Gilded Cathedral revealing the Black Sepulcher beneath. Wasting no time the broken Acolytes climbed down to investigate and what they discovered was sure to rock the foundations of the sector it self. Displayed on the walls of the interior of the Black Sepulcher the Acolytes witnessed Arch-Cardinal Ignato, as a young man, lay the foundations of a terrifying heretical conspiracy…


Thought for the day: If a job’s worth doing it’s worth dying for!

The Haematite Catherdal

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Date: (2.)409.817.41

After recovering from the surprise attack outside the the Gilded Cathedral the acolyte team repaired their APC and set out to the Heamatite Cathedral. Before leaving Kephtron Altis they were able to procure provisions and discover serval bits of information about their destination.

The journey to the desolate Cathedral was very uneventful and upon arrival the group began looking about the grounds. The garden that appeared to have been lush and well manicured at one point in their lives were now brown and overgrown. An old broken water feature, that appeared to be a dried up waterfall, held the first clue to the sinister nature of the cathedral. Inside a cave built into the structure were the discarded bodies belonging to almost two dozen victims of the vile Gustavus Hekate. Upon their discovery the bodies began to stir and attack the party. Coming up from out of the the surrounding grounds and forcing the party to retreat inside the Cathedral as one of Baraspine’s infamous Splinter Winds began to blow in from the east. Barricading the main doors the Acolytes began to explore the cathedral proper and almost immediately strange “incidents” began to occur.

Inside the Nave the Acolytes were able to betteer ascertain the layout of the ancient cathedral fortress and quickly discovered a large clock at the base of an ancient Quake Cannon. In the back of the clock was an opening for what appeared to be a key piece in the shape of an Adeptus Mechanicus symbol. Searching around the Cathedral allowed the Acolytes to discover several pieces of history about the noble line Hekate, the house that called the Cathedral home. They found the bodies of Koronath, Nikaea, Gustavus, and Hadria Hekate scattered throughout the cathedral and with Koronath and Gustavus they encountered their warp ghosts as well.

Several disturbing scenes played out as the group explored the ruins of the old fortress. In a ballroom they discovered a grisly banquet laid out in which the servants of the house appeared to have been dressed in noble clothing and poisoned. In another section several warp apparitions had taken up residence in the wing within which they had been imprisoned. The library of the Cathedral proved to ba a valuable source of information but also a dangerous fount of insane knowledge as Felix Atellus and Tybalt Mithrus discovered when they discovered Koronath’s collection of heretical writings. A gallery of Noble portraits attempted to give faces to the key personalities of the the house of Hekate but were too badly damaged to be if use, however a the case of a stolen trade warrant belonging to Zanatov was discovered and left the group wondering who Zanatov was and what part that name played everything. Finally hidden beneath the scullery Acolytes discovered the vile lair of Gustavus and his twisted experiments. With the discovery and/or defeat of each Hekate the Acolytes found another piece of the key that would fit in the clock within the Nave and after much hardship and mental strain the key was assembled.

As the the Acolytes stood before the clock debating whether to use the key piece or not the clock chimed 2030 and they group moved to insert the key. As the cogged key slid into place with an audible “click” a gentle hum could be heard and clock chimed once, stopped working and a door inside slid open to reveal a black shaft of ribbed steel.


Thought for the day: Be pure. Be vigilant. Behave.


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