Cardinal Dantius Landsholt


Titles: Protector of the Eastern March
Seat of Power: Clove
Arch-Diocese: Hazeroth Sub-sector


A staunch ally of Ignato, Dantius Landsholt is keen to see the Sector Synod remain stable and focused on the core hive worlds and trade routes. Raised up from the Landsholt noble house of Clove, Dantius’ siblings include the Clovian planetary governor Tesnius, the world’s High Tithe Master Arlatius, and its Chief of Arbitration and Enforcement Helatius. Ignato was happy to ignore the nepotism and power monopoly of the Landsholts in electing one of their own as cardinal in exchange for the continued support of the Clovian Synod and by extension the Hazeroth Arch-Diocese. Unfortunately Dantius is a poor cardinal at best, and his unflagging loyalty seems to be the only thing Ignato can rely upon him for. During Dantius’ time in office, the power of the Ministorum over the worlds of the Hazeroth-sub has waned, numerous splinter cults have taken hold on dozens of worlds, and power has slipped away from the Sector Synod and back into the hands of planetary governors and their own pet Ministorum officials.

Cardinal Dantius Landsholt

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